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Boras Baseball Classic | Elite high schools teams vying for the ultimate Title

Meet The Boras Foundation

The Boras Foundation believes in helping today’s youth and high school baseball players become the best, by exposing them to an elite level of coaching, clinics and competition. The Foundation’s mission is to create an environment where players are uninhibited by financial constraints that often create a roadblock to the growth and progress of today’s young athlete.

Creating a platform which allows them to achieve their goal of taking their passion for baseball to the next level.



Much like our athletes and teams, we work year-round to offer high-caliber competition on a national stage to showcase the skills of top athletes.

In the last decade the Boras Baseball Classic has become a nationally recognized tournament, attracting media, MLB Scouts and collegiate coaches from around the country. The Boras Classic has over 300 MLB Draftees, more than 1,200 Division l commits and 7,600 Boras Classic athletes.

My best memory in baseball thus far has been my grand slam at the Boras Classic.
Royce Lewis

Royce Lewis

Minnesota Twins, #1 Overall Pick
It has been a pleasure to be apart of such a world-class tournament.
Coach Selvitella

Coach Selvitella

Petaluma High School
The Boras Classic is a great opportunity to compete against some of the toughest teams in California.
Coach Gonzales

Coach Gonzales

El Toro High School
We will be tested again, this is the competition to beat.
Coach Baker

Coach Baker

Basic Academy, NV

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