Message From Scott Boras




Dear Parents, Players and Baseball Fans,

Our Nation’s pastime plays a very important role in my life. It was a passion for me as a player as an adult and remains a passion for me to create a platform for those who compete and love the game as much as I do. As someone who has been extremely blessed by the game of baseball, I always had a vision and desire to give back in a way that would keep that passion alive for generations to come.

In 2013, we created the Boras Baseball Classic of California, with the objective to give young baseball athletes an opportunity to play against the best and compete on one of the biggest stages, at no cost to the participants. The Classic’s purpose is to give young players a platform to showcase their talents to college and professional recruiters while giving the athlete an opportunity that could potentially impact their educational future and athletic dreams. Thanks to your support and participation, six years later, we have established ourselves as one of the premier baseball tournaments in the Nation. In addition, I am pleased to announce that in 2017 we expanded our tournament to Arizona.

Today, I welcome you to the tenth annual Boras Baseball Classic of California and the sixth annual Boras Baseball Classic of Arizona. Over the past year we have once again gathered a list of teams that we feel best represent the most talented teams in the participating States. I also believe the team that take the titles of the California and Arizona Classics will have competed against an incredible lineup of extremely talented teams and will have earned the right to be thought of as the premier team in their respective states. 

The Boras Family Foundation would like to extend our gratitude to JSerra Catholic, Mater Dei, Oak Ridge, Arcadia and Corona del Sol, our host high schools of the California and Arizona Classics. I appreciate all those who have helped us make it this far, including the many partners and volunteers that have dedicated their time and resources, behind the scenes and is an essential part of making this tournament happen.

Without your help, the Boras Classic would not be possible.

Baseball is a beautiful expression of sport and passion. For all of us who know, love and appreciate the game, we understand the similarities of the game to life. The challenges, successes, failures, the camaraderie, competition, and friendships are all wrapped up in to seven innings of magical plays and untimely mishaps. At the core of this foundation are the athletes that participate and play this sport with the passion in which it was meant to be played. No matter whether you win or lose, have a great game or unfavorable one; we salute you for your dedication and thank you for being a part of this great event.

Serving the Athletes of Baseball.

The Boras Family Foundation